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Basket League CMS
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Solution for leagues to build a professional websites with
comprehensive statistics


  • Maintains players, teams and statistics of all seasons in one place
  • Saves time in standings and statistics calculation and publishing
  • Involves fans to interact with league's content and follow game statistics in real-time on the Web
  • Does not require technical resources, service runs on our servers
  • Does not require high computer skills
  • Can be launched in 5 days


  • For league personnel
    • Ready-to-use professional league's website with Basket.Live™ service
    • Flexible competition structure management and play-off bracket
    • Supports several leagues (Men's, Women's, Cup games) within one website
    • Standings and statistics tables update automatically
    • League and team sponsor banners in various places
    • Internal attendance and referees reports
    • Can be used as a secondary website for competition and statistics data publishing
  • For fans and media
    • News, video and photo galleries with user ratings and comments
    • Rich team and player pages with statistics
    • Live fans chat during the game in statistics window
    • Fans zone with Interviews, Ask Expert, Blog and Poll sections
    • All Star voting
  • Comprehensive statistics
    • Team and player statistics averages and records in all categories
    • Week, month, season and all time filters for statistical leaders
    • Play-by-play progress, score development and shot chart in game page
    • Averages by quarters and shot maps in team and player pages
    • Best lineups and +/- statistics in team pages

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